Signing Off

This blog age was created only becuase it was the only way this dude didnt get mad t me and ill able to score atleast 15-20 marks out of this. this will be deleted megre moments from when i get done with it all of this is goig to the trash lol. Anyway it felt […]

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It is the highest peak in the state of maharashtra. situated near Bhanadardara, its around 3km in the total distance to walk up to reach the top the view was spectacular from the top and our guide tld me you coud see mumbai which is situated nearly 150km from there beacuse of its immense height. […]

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it was a pleasure to drive through these winding roads and it is a must visit for anyone who travels around mumbai and is looking for a weekend getaway. there were times when i got too tired of riding so i decided to stop and smoke a doobie with my homie and then we were […]

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Amidst the brisk air of the mountains, the curvy roads snaked up the hills of ratnagiri which is located roughly 300km from the city of mumbai. its a pretty long and hectic journey as i had gone with my brother i was able to shift between both of us whenever one of us got uncomfortable. […]

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Even though it’s a famous destination for a weekend getaway, lonavala holds the beauty of the mountain ranges of Maharashtra. Green plush create a bedding across the entire mountain making it look like a scene from tele tubbies. If you’re dating enough you can take your bike out to some off rail tracks which leads […]

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Long winding roads, through the valley it was a pleasure to drive though the curves as you don’t encounter so many fun roads in the busy city life. Untouched by humans, the natural beauty is breathtaking and the best time to visit is during the monsoons where you are are literally near the clouds. Not […]

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Why I travel.

It’s often very thrilling to go on adventures and trips and many are intrigued by the tag wanderlust. There are many who enjoy the time out to go explore the untouched beauty of nature. As for me, I feel I travel because I get a sense of freedom in it. When your travelling only your […]

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